Why Buy Organic?

May 21, 2017

Why Buy Organic?

Most people know that organic food is a healthy choice, but does going organic even matter when it comes to cotton and other fabrics? Yes, it turns out that organic cotton has amazing benefits for you, your family and the planet, whether you’re talking bed sheets or beach towels. Here’s a quick cheat sheet.

It's Chemical Free

Organic cotton is produced without synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. (One of the farms Boll & Branch works with grows marigolds in its fields—they naturally repel pests!) Conventional cotton, on the other hand, uses more insecticides than any other crop.

It Requires Less Water

Cotton is one of the world’s thirstiest plants. But organic cotton farmers don’t need to irrigate as intensely, because they’re working with healthier soil from the start. The result is a more efficient process that uses significantly less water.

It's Good for the Health of Farmers

People who work at conventional cotton farms interact every day with all of the toxic chemicals used in the growing process. Pesticide poisoning is linked to thousands of deaths each year.  Organic cotton growing does not have these dangerous pesticides. 

It's Healthier for You

Before they arrive in stores, conventional cotton products are treated with chemical dyes and  bleach. Organic cotton products, on the other hand, are made without harmful chemicals. The result is a healthier choice for you and your family—and peace of mind.