About Us

Welcome to Panda Hug


Panda Hug makes high quality crib sheets and accessories in original, whimsical prints inspired by the joy of bringing home a newborn. From our family to yours, we help you create a loving, beautiful space for your baby to flourish. Because we’re parents first, we believe in using only high-quality fabrics, smart design, and careful construction to ensure safety and comfort. Above all, our business is built on a foundation of love - this is why we use ethical production in our home state of Texas. We design modern, fun prints that will bring a smile to your baby’s face as they learn about their world. Our son’s face lights up every time he recognizes a favorite friend on his sheets: an elephant, a bird, a butterfly - even shapes fascinate him.


My husband and I never dreamed we’d be designing for babies, but that all changed when our sweet boy Diego came along. Our son was growing so fast that he needed new PJ’s almost every other week. I remembered watching my mom and grandma sewing when I grew up and thought maybe I could do the same. After much practice and a few complete disasters, Diego had custom pajamas that lasted longer and were more comfortable than what I was finding in stores. I enjoyed the process of sewing so much that I began dreaming up new designs. I remembered my struggle as a first-time mom looking for the perfect bedding and Panda Hug was born.


On our son Diego’s first birthday, he was given a stuffed panda bear that was taller than he was. He instantly fell in love and we used the panda to show him what a hug was. Whenever we said “panda hug,” Diego would throw himself over his panda bear and hug with all his might. We realized Panda Hug was the perfect expression of all the love we put into our products and the joy we experience in working with other families.